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About / Modern charm with Taste & Style

I started AF HOUSE with one ring which I spent six months curving its wax. This process was a meditation and a pray to I can see my unconscious potential.

Since that moment, I thought the soul of metal that crafted with will power possess will power. Thus I hoped my jewelry will work as a charm/amulet on wearers.

However I was not intending to make traditional nor conventional amulets. I always wanted to give excitements of modern fashion, and it has to be tasteful and processes style.

Here is why I call my jewelry "Modern charm with taste and style”.

Ten years from the start, my customer and audience describe my jewelry as simple and diminutive yet quirky and impactful minimalist jewelry.
It is a bit different from initial perception but the above concept is always with me.

Now, I make jewelry in only highly recyclable solid gold and silver, and aim to create non-consumption fashion goods as a goal.  This also is my will to infuse in my jewelry.
My Japanese soul is speaking for unadorned elegance and inspiration of design comes by mainly technological advancement and cultural movement.