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Owl Stud Earrings

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Be With Miniature Owl

When you accessorize with owl jewelry of AF HOUSE, you add playfulness to her look with a hint of mystery. Featuring clean designed and eye-popping appeal, this owl charm makes an ideal earring for girlfriend ! It roles as her amulet. 

  • Made of Solid 14K Gold
  • Owl charm finishes with refined satin surface that doesn't glare
  • Charm Size: Approx. 5/16” High
  • Dimond: Approx. 0.02 Ct (for 2 eyes)      
Owl Symbolize
Wisdom and Good Judgment. Like owls, known for their Sharp Vision and Observations, You also Have Insight and Intuition when they appear. The Meaning of Owls is also related to Change and Transition.